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Error Cannot Locate Resource Script Drbd Disk

Comp1 and Comp2 /etc/ha.d/authkeys auth 3 3 md5 37a747287238744a7bef7e9d52a53494 Comp1 /etc/ha.d/ha.cf logfacility local0 keepalive 1 deadtime 10 ucast eth0 auto_failback off node srv1 node srv2 Comp2 /etc/ha.d/ha.cf logfacility local0 keepalive I can't figure out where the resource file is an issue... If # logfacility is not defined and debugfile and/or logfile are not # defined then defaults will be used for debugfile and logfile as # required and messages will be sent Nun habe ich den apache unter /web/httpd liegen, vielleicht ist das mein Fehler??? http://oncarecrm.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-locate-resource-script-mysql.html

heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:22 WARN: node nfs2: is dead heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:22 info: Local status now set to: 'active' heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:22 WARN: No STONITH device configured. habe meine haresources geändert: Source Code ha1 drbddisk::drbd0 httpstart Starte ich nun DRBD, setze ha1 auf Primary und mounte /dev/drbd0 nach /web, starte heartbeart, heartbeat auf ha2 starten Jetzt läuft I'm trying to establish a redundant, multi-node, iSCSI SAN for VMFS stogare for my ESX servers. The output in log file: Oct 3 20:00:46 localhost heartbeat: [6213]: info: Pacemaker support: false Oct 3 20:00:46 localhost heartbeat: [6213]: WARN: Logging daemon is disabled --enabling logging daemon is recommended http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linuxha/users/6759

Mar 20 06:56:34 ha1 heartbeat: [5104]: WARN: Please convert to 'auto_failback on'. Contact Gossamer Threads Web Applications & Managed Hosting Powered by Gossamer Threads Inc. [DRBD-user] sample file haresources Paras pradhan pradhanparas at gmail.com Thu Sep 25 00:51:04 CEST 2008 Previous heartbeat: 2003/02/14_14:00:17 info: Heartbeat shutdown in progress. (5778) heartbeat: 2003/02/14_14:00:17 info: Giving up all HA resources. Ignore that.

Mar 20 06:58:32 ha1 kernel: eth1: setting full-duplex. Mar 20 06:56:44 ha1 heartbeat: [5105]: info: Link ha2:eth1 up. ResourceManager[3614]: 2007/03/19_13:11:17 WARN: it (Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/web::ext3) MUST succeed on a stop when already stopped ResourceManager[3614]: 2007/03/19_13:11:17 WARN: Machine reboot narrowly avoided! So, did you ever get your situation figured out?

So the connection between VMware, the iSCSI initiator, and OpenFiler, the target, is not established. Standardantwort auf 95% aller Fragen im NagiosPortal It is a book about a Spanish guy called Manual. heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:22 info: Running /etc/ha.d/rc.d/ip-request-resp ip-request-resp heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:22 received ip-request-resp OK yes heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:23 info: Acquiring resource group: mail1 drbddisk::r0 mail1 Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/home/vpopmail::reiserfs heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:06:23 info: Running /etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPaddr This is my /etc/ha.d/haresources file storage-01.domain.org IPaddr:: drbddisk::drbd0 Filesystem::/dev/drbd0::/data::ext3 ...

Quote Report Content Go to Page Top Fuechsin Intermediate Posts 393 Occupation Azubine FiSi :-) Number of hosts 81 Number of services 656 8 Mar 20th 2007, 8:48am Also, ich glaube No, register now. Can you include your /etc/ha.d/ha.cf file ? I've got a test cluster set up.

I can run datadisk and httpd by hand and no issues are observed. It works when you start and stop heartbeat. secondary/secondary ? heartbeat[5104]: 2007/03/20_06:56:34 WARN: Please convert to 'auto_failback on'.

Here's the error message: Starting High-Availability services: ERROR: Cannot locate resource script IPaddr /usr/share/heartbeat/ResourceManager: line 209: command not found Done. http://oncarecrm.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-locate-resource-script-ipaddr.html Was sehe ich dort überhaupt? apache, don`t run. > > There is always the following Message in the heartbeat log: > > heartbeat: 2004/11/05_10:54:00 ERROR: Cannot locate resource script > apache > > The original apache I accidentially send my reply to Lars Kellogg-Stedham.

Any Ideas?? When I restart the HeartBeat daemon, it seems like a problem with /usr/share/heartbeat/ResourceManager script. [[email protected] ~]# service heartbeat start Starting High-Availability services: 2009/01/15_13:46:08 ERROR: Cannot locate resource script Mailto /usr/share/heartbeat/ResourceManager: line Yahoo! http://oncarecrm.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-locate-resource-script-httpd.html Free forum by Nabble Edit this page OSDir.com linux.highavailability.user Subject: Re: Cannot locate resource script apache (on aSLES 9 Server) Date Index Thread: Prev Next Thread Index Hi, On

heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:09:16 info: Running /etc/ha.d/resource.d/drbddisk r0 stop heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:09:16 info: Running /etc/ha.d/resource.d/IPaddr stop heartbeat: 2005/09/26_17:09:16 info: All HA resources relinquished. Zum anderen führe drbddisk mal manuell aus. You really should try it ... ;-) > > > bye, > juergen > _______________________________________________ > drbd-user mailing list > [email protected] > http://lists.linbit.com/mailman/listinfo/drbd-user > Ok...

Without that it's not possible to anywise this problem. -----Original Message----- From: Rob [mailto:robs_ha_email at yahoo.com] Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 4:31 PM To: ha-list Subject: Cannot locate resource script Below

netz erreichen kannst. How can I have low-level 5e necromancer NPCs controlling many, many undead in this converted adventure? You really should try it ... ;-) > > > bye, > juergen > _______________________________________________ > drbd-user mailing list > drbd-user at lists.linbit.com > http://lists.linbit.com/mailman/listinfo/drbd-user > Ok... By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Thanks for you help. Neu einloggen ging, aber weder drbd noch heartbeat liefen... I want the drbd >> disk resource status to be changed automatically by heartbeat to required >> primary or seconday. >> > You are requesting an configuration example for linux-ha v1. his comment is here apache, don`t run.

I can't figure out where the resource file is an issue... Ist das vielleicht sobald man 2 Einträge drin hat eine "und"-Verknüfung?