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Error Cannot Load Rotation Schedule File

But could you please help me understand why I can't use "view_nii.m" to view the structure that is loaded by "load_untouch_nii.m"? Everything seemed to be fine. Italian Errore durante la lettura dell'intestazione di messaggi non instradabili. It only makes a NIfTI structure from N-D matrix and some other parameters (voxel size, originator, data type, etc.). http://oncarecrm.com/error-cannot/error-cannot-load-file-code-5555h.html

I have used fsl prelude to unwrap my mri images, and they are now in the nifti format. clip_nii.m: Clip the volume(s) in NIfTI structure from any of the six sides, while keeping the originator, voxel size, data type, and description unchanged. I used the load_nii program and then changed the value into 0, and then used the save_nii. When using Kriging interpolation component, you may need to adjust the min and max radii in order to get an ideal interpolation; these parameter values will depend on your data set. http://www.dmxzone.com/forum/topic/19153/

Unable to import well data (Excel data file-specific), and unable to convert pumping rates from L/day to project units. 3D viewer, Settings/Isosurface, the correct values were not appearing when returning back If not, use step 2 to convert it. 2. load_nii_ext.m: Load header extension from a NIfTI file. 7. I used the load_nii program and then changed the value into 0, and then used the save_nii.

If recharge boundaries are defined with a time schedule with multiple time entries for the same date, translation will be treated as static instead of transient. IrfanView icon Lossless rotate using command line Why can't I post to bug forum? For file extension, this function will follow whatever you have. data in raw wells spreadsheet Addressed error during Conceptual to Numerical Model conversion (regular grid) for constant head with linear gradient, which used intermediation layer option Addressed errors "Cannot find finite

SourceForge SourceForge is a great resource for opensource projects 4GuysFromRolla ASP FAQ Some great resources for ASP! The example you give is quite well, but to my big data, it gives clues to use load_nii.m when I am using load_untouch_nii.m, but to use load_untouch_nii.m when I am using Jimmy Comment only 09 Nov 2009 Francesca Francesca (view profile) 0 files 0 downloads 0.0 Hi Jimmy, you're right, I've tried to open the .nii file with MRIcro and an error Thanks, Navdi Comment only 13 Apr 2011 Jimmy Shen Jimmy Shen (view profile) 5 files 744 downloads 4.53839 Here's an example: nii = load_nii('mydata.img',vol_id); slice = nii.img(:,:,slice_id); slice=round(63*(slice-min(slice(:)))/max(slice(:)))+1; imwrite(slice,jet,'myslice.jpg'); Comment only

nii = load_nii('filtered_func_data.nii'); Comment only 16 Dec 2011 Galit Galit (view profile) 0 files 0 downloads 0.0 Hi, Trying to load a .nii file, I got a message: Cannot find file I'm just wondering if there is anyway to load just one or more specific slices from analyze and nifti formats? BTW, if you take the original NIfTI file, and bring it to other software to display (e.g. When importing a VMOD model with transport, the MT3DMS solver and output time settings are not imported.

Please let me know a way to send my input file. [nii1.hdr,nii1.filetype,nii1.fileprefix,nii1.machine] = load_nii_hdr('1sub_110_A-128_5med'); [nii1.img,nii1.hdr] = load_nii_img(nii1.hdr,nii1.filetype,nii1.fileprefix,nii1.machine); z=find(nii1.img); %number of index---4610 img1=zeros(size(nii1.img)); img1=uint8(img1); img1(z)=5.00000; nii1.img=img1; save_nii(nii1,'out1.img'); Thanks in advance for your Continued Can't not open Japanese or Simplified Chinese "File name" Batch Rename instructions and interface too difficult More than one screenshot per second? Please also check NIfTI header fields at: http://nifti.nimh.nih.gov/nifti-1/documentation/nifti1fields and let me know whether I understand your question correctly. Defects Addressed Could not create thin layers (less than 0.01 m or ft) at the Create Grid step in Numerical workflow (MODFLOW-2000 and 2005) When export raw point, polyline, or polygon

Statistics 18272 of 32375 Members have made 38111 posts in 46 forums, with the last post on 09 October 2016 02:51:10 by: Classicmotorcycling. check over here i want to know the value of a specific pixel of nii image. Thanks very much for the useful code. It is really helpful and my sincere thanks to share your work for the research community.

Michael Comment only 16 Dec 2011 Jimmy Shen Jimmy Shen (view profile) 5 files 744 downloads 4.53839 NIfTI supports both ".nii" and ".img/.hdr" file extension. Wall Boundary (HFB) is supported only on MODFLOW-2000 and MODFLOW-2005 models. If your file has more than 3-Dimension (e.g. his comment is here Comment only 19 Apr 2012 Wannabegeek Wannabegeek (view profile) 0 files 0 downloads 0.0 I think I figured it out.

I have converted four DICOM series to 3D Nifti volumes using dicm2nii. in PEST workflow, added option to export sensitivity results to Excel charts. My goal is to change the negative value and the NAN value in an image into 0 and then save it as .nii.

I am sending you the data.

Type help make_nii for more details. I found a workaround. You are right, the unexpected value was caused by the "scl_slope" parameter, which is properly applied when you use "load_nii.m". I first used: nii = load_nii(1_xyz.img), if I use view_nii(nii), I found everything correctly.

Rotated grids appear rotated in the 2D views. I know it is straightforward to select the desired slices from nii.img after load, but I would like to avoid the memory usage with the full 4D, 5D,tsc load. In the conceptual model, Property zones defined with the method "Use 3D Gridded Data" is not supported when converting to a USG numerical model Boundary condition attribute method "Use Shapefile Attribute" weblink I apologize if something similar has been asked before.

When displaying a grid that contains a child grid (for LGR), and viewing in the Flex Viewer, the selected row, column, or layer is applied only to the parent grid; it In some cases, the shapefiles could not be loaded in Third-party software In the Import Data window, wells shows up twice in the list of data object types, after you close When you use "load_nii", you should find it under: hdr.hist.originator(1:3) Sometimes, with old ANALYZE image, the value is [0 0 0] which does not make sense, then you have no choice Please welcome our newest member: serenitynow.

Effects.dll; red eye issue 4.00 Batch Conv does not support JPEG2000? I am glad to take a look at your samples. OK Search: MATLAB Central File Exchange Answers Newsgroup Link Exchange Blogs Cody Contest MathWorks.com Create Account Log In Products Solutions Academia Support Community Events Company File Exchange Home Download Zip View Everything seemed to be fine.

I am not sure if I can use "reslice_nii" because I still need this mask file to have the same dimensions as my functional file. Comment only 29 Feb 2012 Michael Michael (view profile) 0 files 0 downloads 0.0 My first post was not submitted. I am trying to change the pixel value 1 into 5 and then save it as .img. Michael Comment only 09 Nov 2009 Jimmy Shen Jimmy Shen (view profile) 5 files 744 downloads 4.53839 Hi Wei: Thanks for the rate.

However, if you rename the .img file to .nii, then both Jimmy's tool will load it. Then, scroll through each layer in your model.