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As root: % chmod a+w /tmp/condor/var/execute/ % condor_reschedule After a few moments the job should run and finish. As root: % echo "START=TRUE" >> /tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local % condor_reconfig In a bit your job should run and exit. When the jobs finish examine the output files or the results.log to confirm that your jobs ran on other machines. (There is a chance that all of your jobs ran on We'll be using the most recent release, Condor version 6.5.5.

Let's see why: % condor_analyze 14 -- Submitter: lab-07.nesc.ed.ac.uk : <> : lab-07.nesc.ed.ac.uk ID OWNER SUBMITTED RUN_TIME ST PRI SIZE CMD --- 014.000: Run analysis summary. I've installed the last version of condor in my PC, and it's running ok under linux (Redhat 9). Therefore, sometimes the latter two will return /amd/nfs/wyvern/disk/ptn110/s0450736/script instead of /home/s0450736/script, which in turn will cause a failure in your condor/qsub program. For example, if your NAL install tries to start the Condor service before the Network Connections service is started, it will obviously fail. http://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/tutorials/scotland-admin-tutorial-2003-10-23/scotland-admin-tutorial-2003-10-23.DEMO.html

Condor Shadow

and (1157197.152) (12639): Attempt to reconnect failed: Failed to connect to starter &tl;> turned out to be an issue on, where all jobs from a user were failing to start student: Submit a Bad Job % cat > badjob.submit executable=myprog universe=vanilla arguments=Example.$(Cluster).$(Process) 10 output=results.output.$(Process) error=results.error.$(Process) log=results.log notification=never should_transfer_files=YES when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT requirements=Memory>2000 +RealName="Bad User Name" queue Ctrl-D % cat badjob.submit executable=myprog Will mail work? % echo 'FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN = $(FULL_HOSTNAME)' >> /tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local % condor_config_val FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN lab-07.nesc.ed.ac.uk If you're not sure what value Condor is using, you can check with condor_config_val. Hi, we're using Condor to execute jobs which take a lot of time.

You may need to wait a bit for the collector to learn about the change in state. % condor_status Name OpSys Arch State Activity LoadAv Mem ActvtyTime lab-07.nesc.e LINUX INTEL Unclaimed So long as START evaluates to FALSE the machine will remain in the Owner state and will refuse jobs. condor_configure has guessed that these systems do share a filesystem and has set the FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN to nesc.ed.ac.uk. This introduces a bit of redundancy with the condor masters and means that jobs will still be scheduled if there is a network partition.

As the normal user, put the Condor user binaries in your path. % PATH=$PATH:/tmp/condor/bin Create a submit file. Usually, your job will read and write a few files. We easily executed some which took 27 hours. https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/htcondor-users/2006-July/msg00189.shtml The job is trying to start, but something is going wrong.

it turn out my processing nodes are out of UDP ports. You have a number of options - see the Condor manual for instructions. But ~condor/condor_config is the most straight forward. From: Shrum, Donald C Prev by Date: Re: [Condor-users] Shadow exception!


Exiting" exit 42 Ctrl-D % chmod a+x myscript.sh % cat myscript.sh #! /bin/sh echo "I'm process id $$ on" `hostname` echo "This is sent to standard error" 1>&2 date echo "Running https://www-auth.cs.wisc.edu/lists/htcondor-users/2012-November/msg00016.shtml So for this lab we'll add a custom attribute "RealName" for the same purpose. Condor Shadow This isn't strictly necessary, but it reduces the amount of configuration we'll need to do. % adduser condor % chmod a+rx ~condor Now we will install and configure Condor. So we'll correct the assumptions.

Can no longer talk to condor_starter on execute machine ( 0 - Run Bytes Sent By Job 0 - Run Bytes Received By Job The error is probably repeated many times. All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors. We don't have % cd % mkdir testjob % cd testjob % cat > myjob.submit executable=myprog universe=vanilla arguments=Example.$(Cluster).$(Process) 100 output=results.output.$(Process) error=results.error.$(Process) log=results.log notification=never should_transfer_files=YES when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT queue Ctrl-D % cat Or, you can use condor_fetchlog.

Can no longer talk to condor_starter on execute machine ( 0 - Run Bytes Sent By Job 0 - Run Bytes Received By Job .. 007 (005.000.000) 07/19 22:14:03 Shadow exception! connected. Distributed computing. @spinningmatt « Social scheduling Configuration and policyevaluation » Tail your logs, for fun andprofit If you don't run tail -F on your logs periodically, you should. Then I tried to run the test example "sh_loop" under condor-6.6.11/examples as user condor by condor_submit sh_loop.cmd on my master node.

You can edit /tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local, or use the following commands: % echo 'DAEMON_LIST = MASTER, STARTD, SCHEDD' >> /tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local % echo 'CONDOR_HOST = shared.machine.name.example' >> /tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local We need to let Condor know The -verbose option will tell you where it is defined, useful for complex files. % condor_config_val -verbose FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN: lab-07.nesc.ed.ac.uk Defined in '/tmp/condor/var/condor_config.local', line 38. We know the EVENT_LOG rotates and if you're watching it but miss a rotation you'll miss events.

In a production system you might want to place it onto a shared filesystem and share the installation between machines.

Is there a max run time limit ? You can continue to monitor the run with condor_q (perhaps using the "watch" program) or by examining the results.log file. I'm using install Condor Condor c:\condor\bin\condor_master.exe to install it where install.exe is the condor supplied one. Connecting to www.cs.wisc.edu[]:80...

in your home directory. and which machines are in my pool. Can no longer talk to condor_starter on execute machine ( 0 - Run Bytes Sent By Job 0 - Run Bytes Received By Job ... 007 (010.000.000) 10/22 13:54:21 Shadow exception! Of 1 machines, 0 are rejected by your job's requirements 1 reject your job because of their own requirements 0 match, but are serving users with a better priority in the

From: Matt Hope Prev by Date: Re: [Condor-users] Wildcards/regexp in Rank expression Next by Date: Re: [Condor-users] Condor+Globus Previous by thread: Re: [Condor-users] Default area for globus certificates Next by thread: You might also want to modify the arguments so that the second argument is only 10 instead of 100. All jobs submitted to my cluster return an error that reads - 007 (1752.000.000) 11/05 22:48:06 Shadow exception! In this case this is your local machine, but in most cases it will a different machine, so we'll walk through the process tracking down the machine in question.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 781,581 [text/plain] 100%[====================================>] 781,581 360.54K/s ETA 00:00 15:12:42 (360.54 KB/s) - `condor_analyze.gz' saved [781581/781581] % gunzip condor_analyze.gz % chmod a+x condor_analyze student Now, If 'condor_status' fails, and you want to add your machine to the pool, simply submit a support request using the support form. When I typed condor_q and condor_status on the master node(central manager) and slave nodes(compute nodes), I got the normal screen output which told me how many jobs are running, etc. Logging submit event(s)..... 5 job(s) submitted to cluster 5.

pwd and pawd * If you need to get the current directory in your shell script or perl script, be sure to use `pawd` instead of `pwd`. You could log into the machine with the problem (using the name or IP address) and check the StarterLog. Condor assumes that systems with the same FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN have a shared filesystem. However, when I tried to submit the sh_loop.cmd on my slave node I got shadow exception error message in file sh_loop.log as below: 000 (005.000.000) 07/19 22:13:57 Job submitted from host:

condor_analyze will be included in Condor 6.6 and later. Last failed match: Wed Oct 22 15:27:12 2003 Reason for last match failure: no match found WARNING: Be advised: Job 14.0 did not match any machine's requirements The following attributes should